November '09

Lack of Wellness here
Pondgirl went been down with the "gripe" flu, just before the end of October, and as I write this at the end of November, she has still not fully recovered from either a recurrance of the flu, or some secondary viral infection which got her just as she was starting to feel stronger from getting over the flu.

So most of the month has been spent taking things very quietly. As I haven't taken many photos, a few reflections are in order.

Observations on life Catalan stylee
Neighbours/friends usually say "Goodbye" to you first when they meet you in the street.

It is very important to honk your horn when you see someone you know.

If you agree to do something "Dema" in Catalan/Manana in Castillian. It doesn't necessarily mean tomorrow, it just means not today.

These guys can party. They usually start at midnight after an evening warming up, then keep going till dawn.

Bureaucracy and rule making here is astonishing. So is their ability to totally ignore the rules made.

Families here extend well beyond the normal blood relations. Everyone is somebody's second cousin.

It's normal to see young kids playing on the street, while old men watch over them.

Dawn on Sunday morning in the winter sounds like the start of the next civil war, there are so many guns going off.

They are not big on Vegetarianism.

The police are more likely to wear black balaclavas than the terrorists.

They can be disarmingly casual when talking about sex and other bodily functions.

People can be quite shocked when you actually want to pay for things there and then.

People will park a 6' 2" wide car in a 12' 6" wide street and know that there is plenty of room for other 6' 2" cars to pass.

All supermarkets sell prepacked pigs feet and ears, alongside rabbits and other more recognisable cuts.

Smoking ban? What smoking ban. 75% of bars and restaurants still permit smoking. Of course, kids are welcome inside as well.

When someone asks if you like tomatoes, mandarins, onions, etc. and you say yes. You will IMMEDIATELY be given a basket/box full of said produce.



They talk and complain about the weather just like everyone else does. :)


Planning Application - Yes but No
Well, we have the OK from the Dept. Urbanisme and the local council on our new plans, but we have to get the approval of ACA the water people who are currently against the project. Meetings to resolve the situation and get their approval are currently underway.

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