April '07

The month started with a continuation of the wet weather that we had been having since the middle of March.

Since we moved into our rented apartment at 7 Carrer Llevant in Mas de Barberans in the last week in March, we have not had a single dry day until this Monday (16th April). As the apartment is new and had not been lived in, everything seemed slightly damp. It was impossible to dry clothes properly, even when we hung then on the washinglines we had put up between some olives down at the Mill.

Our son and his girlfriend had arrived for a weeks holiday a couple of days ago. We wer fairly stumped as to what they could do during their time with us, but, by getting out whenever the rain stopped and spending time up at Bar Mario's, they enjoyed their stay. We walked up some of the valleys in the Els Ports natural park which is directly behind Mas de Barberans and saw some of the wildlife, then drove down to the Ebro delta to walk on the empty beaches and see the flamingo's and had some great meals in some of Tortosa's restaurants.

After they returned to England, the weather got better, although it had rained so much over the last month, that water was running in the Barranc de Lloret past the front of the Mill. All the locals were very pleased to see this happening as water is a precious thing here and the rain had been "bueno por el campo".

On the second day that the Barranc was flowing, we were amazed to hear a deafening chorus of frogs and toads which were taking the opportunity to do their thing in the wet conditions. When we told some locals at the bar about this, they went dreamy eyed and smacked their lips saying how delicious the frogs were with a bit of oil and garlic. If there is any meat on anything these guys will eat it. If there isn't they will eat it with something meaty.
At the Mill, we are starting to put in the foundations of a 400 metre fence which will surround the part of the property near the building. Once it is completed we will have a secure area which we will need before the renovation process can start in earnest


In Mas de Barberans, the villagers are celebrating their annual Fiesta or Festes de Sant Marc. This is a week long party which involves everyone in the village. The band marches through the streets on several days. There is the Mas de Barberans beauty queen ceremony, Orchestras, football matches, a pool competition, mass dinners, film shows, theatre, musical evenings and bull running then a big meal where they eat the bull.

It all finishes with a carnival parade of floats pulled by tractors through the village with the occupants showering the crowds with tons of confetti.

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