January '08

Back from the UK

Our Christmas visit to the UK has come and gone. We had a great time seeing our families and friends over the holiday. On Christmas day we were royally treated at my mum & dads along with the rest of our family and PG's mum & Dad. It was a great day and everyone had a wonderfull time.

Unfortunately within two days most of us had come down with heavy colds or bronchitis which put the dampers on the New Year celebrations.

After taking our son and his girlfriend back to their digs in Portsmouth, we finished packing and flew back to Catalunya on 12th Night.

Plans for the Moli

Within a week of getting back, we had met our Architect and agreed the design of the revised plans he had drawn up for the Moli. They include the two bedroom extension in the old lambing shed.
Here are Adobe pdf copies of their drawings for the Ground Floor and the First Floor. (You will have to rotate them anticlockwise using the tool on the right end of Adobes toolbar.)

Festes de St. Antoni

On Sunday 20th January, the villages celebrated The Festes de St. Antoni, who was the patron saint of lots of things including animals and especially pigs. The Carrer de St. Antoni is outside our apartment, so after the usual church service, the priest came up to the splendidly decorated table under his shrine and proceeded to bless every dog, cat, rabbit, terrapin, goldfish and a couple of horses for good measure.

Pacha is one of our neighbours and a good friend. I managed to get this picture of him stuffing his face with the almond cookies that had been baked for the Festes.

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