May '08

After a very busy April, May has been a bit quieter mainly due to the wetter weather. With little chance to get stuck into any serious work we have been taking any opportunities to prune the olive trees and keep the workmen supplied with water for their cement mixer.


Manolo and his ever changing team of workmen have been doing a sterling job and we are very pleased with the quality of work they are producing.They have finished everything apart from laying the approach ramp to the door. I am going to do the rendering when we get back from the UK.


Dylan has been charging around a lot. He has benn lonely and visiting our friends who live a bit further down the barranc to play with their pack of dogs. It had become a regular occurance that when we went down there and let him off his chain he would play with us for a while and then get bored and wander off to see their dog pack
Anyway it could be that last Thursday the problem got solved as when we arrived at the Moli a large white dog was lying in the shade of one of the workmens vans. We let Dylan meet him and they seem to get along fine even though the new dog is a lot bigger than Dylan and a male. He is obviously a Pyrenean Mountain dog and has been called DJ because he appeared on DiJous (Thursday).
The friends with the dog pack have just had a litter of six male puppies from one of their bitches courtesy of a wandering Springer Spaniel. They are lovely little things who are sure to find good homes.

The Moli

The plans for the Moli are currently being held up by the Department of Aigua and the Department of Tourism. We do have the answers they want and hopefully when they have looked at them we will be able to move on and start the restoration. Only time will tell.

Fira de Terrassa

One of the local villages, La Galera, held its 15th Fira de Terrassa on the first weekend in May. We went down to see what was there and were amazed by the huge number of stalls spread out over four streets. There were stallholders from all over the Iberian peninsula and Balearic islands, with some beautifull ceramic and terracotta work on display.

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