December '07

Olive trees

Back in March we pruned our first Olive tree, which we have called Penny's Olive tree. Since then we have pruned about forty other, but still have around 860 to go. As you can see from the centre picture above, there is a fair bit of work required to get the basic pruning done.

The best bit about the pruning is being able to get up close to the trees and seeing each tree's individual pattern of bark, whorls and knots.

Subterranean chambers

While I was clearing out the last stub wall in the back of the Mill, I realised there was a hole forming in the floor. After clearing the debris a bit, I was able to crawl down and found two 3 metre square chambers which were connected to the aqueduct at the back and at the front were linked to a long curving tunnel which led to the Barranc. This was were all the water poured through to drive the millstones. We still haven't worked out how the millwheel mechanism worked or exactly where they were located., so a bit of research will be needed in the New Year.

We have also nearly completed the ramp which will give us access from what will be the many road entrace to the Mill and the barn and parking area. Another couple of tons of soil and rocks and it will be ready to take the builders lorries when they come to build the barn.

Catalan School

Is hard work. But the environment is nice. The building has a lovely central courtyard surrounded by the classrooms and computer rooms. The cloisters have benches where the students can catch up on their revision before class starts.

Pinxo is Heleno's dog. Still a puppy, but when he gets round to it, we want two of his puppies.

Heleno amazed everyone in the bar when he turned up with two buckets of shellfish from the delta.

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