February '08

Guard Dog

Today we got a guard dog for the Moli. A real killer mutt if ever there was one. That is if dog saliva is deadly. After a bit of thought we have decided to call him Dylan as we got him on a Monday (Dilluns in Catalan). He spends his nights guarding the Moli and his days chasing rabbits in the Barranc.


Last year we missed the Carnival celebrations as we were travelling backwards and forwards from the UK. This time we managed to see the parade in Tortosa which was a very noisy affair with a number of drum groups trying to outdo each other.

In Mas de Barberans, the childrens parade was slightly more subdued, but the band put in an appearance which let our landlord Ximo blow his trumpet.

Random Pictures

The almond blossom was very good this month and it was difficult not to spend my whole time taking pictures of it. On one clear day I stopped om the new bridge and managed to get this shot of Tortosa Parador despite the high winds. The next week I was tempted to try out my new tripod again with this macro shot of one of the flowers on our Finca.

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