April '13

Parental Visits

In early April PG's parents and one of her aunts visited Mas for a few days to see the new house and how we were getting on at the finca. It was lovely to see them out here enjoying the village and surrounding counrtyside as well as all the wild flowers in the countryside and the finca

Boaring sight

After 6 years of hoping, I had my first sight of a family of wild boar running through our finca this month. There was a female with 4 yearlings. They sauntered past my as I was working on one of the hillside terraces. They stopped briefly to see what I was doing then sprinted off with all our dogs in a very guarded pursuit. I just managed to get two pictures of the young ones running through the long grass like shadows trying to catch up with their mum as she headed off up the barranc.

A truly magical moment for me.

Wide angle

I just wanted to see if I could get the feeling of space that we have in No. 11. A bit of a difference from the flat we lived in for so long

Scenery but not heard

The reservoir above La Senia was absolutetly beautiful the day we drove PG's parents up to it. Full to the brim and all the woods surrounding it were lovely and green.
Just after they had left we had a fair bit of rain and for the first time we were in the finca when the water filled the barranc and started to pour over the lip of the rocks under the bridge in front of our property. Another picture I have been wanting to get for quite some time.
Finally, yes we do get cloudy weather (sometimes).

finca work

At the moment, we are in full swing pruning the tops of the olive trees in the finca. Luckily, Marc, one of our Dutch friends, wanted to help us out as he was in the process of buying a finca in the hills behind us and he was keen to practise his pruning on our trees while he was here. The tree in the middle picture is one of our sadder looking olive trees, but give it a year or two and it will be producing olives just like the rest of them.

Eating Out

Takes on a different meaning when view is like this. Barbequed pork fillet with courgettes and aubergine. Oh, and lots of Our Olive Oil. Nom nom nom

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