December '13

Christmas Decorations

This year, Penny, Carol & Barbara decided to go to a class on how to create a Christmas table decoration out of woven palm and other natural plants and fibres, that was being held at the Museu de Pauma in the village. Our Dutch friends Mark and Margreet were over visiting their new property in the campo and decided to join in the fun too.
A coffee break was taken at elevenish when everyone was able to sample some of the gorgeous pastries at La Miranda and have photo opportunities with a baby goat. Then it was back to the museum for more work until lunchtime at No. 11, where the intricacies of weaving various numbers of strands where practised during coffee.
By the end of the day the decorations were all finished. Ours is the centrepiece of our Xmas scene.

Sheepishly Scenic

It seems like the sheep have taken a liking to the grass below our house. The clonking of their bells drifts up the hill giving us a chance to get out on the a aa aa aa terrace to watch them pass.
Imagining what life in the UK is like becomes quite difficult when these things happen outside your windows. It really is a different world.

Misty Morning

A misty morning in the middle of the month. I must get my Nikon setup for these pictures. Pretty please, someone buy me a f2 graded filter so I can balance out the sunlight and foreground properly.

Getting Breadier

This is about my 6th loaf and I think I am beginning to understand the processes that are at work. It looks OK, but there is still a long way to go before I would give a bit to our village baker.

Christmas Greetings

Our Christmas was a bit of a blur. The travelling didn't work out too well, but once there, we had a great time with both our sets of families.
After a quick early morning Christmas Eve shop for those last minute presents, (in surprisingly quiet shops) we met old friends at The Unicorn before getting an early night.
On Xmas day, my sister excelled herself with an amazing feast for about 15 of us. Boxing day was at Penny's parents with her brother and his family.
A couple of days later and we were leaving for the train to Gatwick, only to find that the trains were cancelled. A call to our taxi re-routed him all the way to Gatwick. Thanks a bunch Great Western.


Penny's brother got his present earlier than most. Very smart and with a beast of an engine.

Bye Bye 2013

What we had hoped would be a really special year turned into a bit of a bummer, with the total loss of the olives and various other problems.
Let us all hope that 2014 brings better tidings to everyone.

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