June '10


Plouging yeah. Our landlord sold us their "cultivador" a sort of harrow/plough combo designed to break up the topsoil and cut any plant roots. The first time over has been difficult, as the ground was so hard and the grass & weeds were so thick. In places, it hardly looks like we have done more than scratched the surface and in others there are mounds of grass swarth and weeds all piled up. Ho hum. The idea is we will be able to keep under the trees clean of weeds without having to resort to herbicides. Hopefully it will start leveling out the next time I do it.

Corpus Christi '10


Now Cleo reveals why she is hanging around so much. We have christened her the "goat dog"

Update Cleo had her puppies on the 18th of June. She turned up outside the barn the next morning skinny as ever and begging for a quick meal before she shot off somewhere down the barranc.

Random House

We have been looking for properties for sale in Mas de Barberans, as we are not confident that we will get all the permissions we need to live in the Moli. There have been a few that we have seen, ranging from former chicken coops to rather posh and expensive houses

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