July '09

And it got hotter

Although we got some rain in the beginning of the month, the main theme has been "fa calor" or "It makes heat". Peaking at 39-40c at the middle of the month and staying above 32c for the rest of the time. All in all, its time to take it easier. The village pool is open. Kids are going on holiday camps and women on shopping trips, while the men do what they do best. Eat and drink


One evening a group of men from the village turned up in the local bar carrying a large tureen full of some sort of soupy dish. Toni, the bar owner had sorted them out a table and the settled down to eat their own food. It smelled delicious and it turned out to be a "Bogavante amb arroz" or Lobster soup with lots of cooked rice in it. The best bits of the lobster were saved for afters and passed around as nibbles after they had finished the soup. Of course, I couldn't get away with showing so much interest, without being invited to their table and made to eat two bowls of their Bogavante. It was even better than it smelled. Moltes Gracies amics.

The Delta

The rice fields were in full growth mode and some of them were the most amazing shade of green. I had to stop and take this photo just to remember how bright it was. It was on one of our trips down to the delta to see the flamingos. Unfortunately, it was a lot windier than we expected and this little wader was the only bird we saw.


We don't get many good sunsets, because the mountains are west of us and we tend to be looking the other way if we are in the village. One evening near the Moli, we were get these pictures. Once we are down in the Moli, we are likely to see many more skies like these.

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