April '10


One morning we were working down in the finca when there was a huge rumbling whooshing noise. A quick check around told the story. They were starting to refill the cut slope above the Barranc. It seemed a bit of a Augean task, but about 200 lorry loads later the had the full width and depth of the gap filled. The next night the wild boar took the first opportunity to use it as a short cut to their feeding areas.
The finca is looking very green at the moment, which makes it rather stand out amongst the other fincas, which are sterilized of any form of plant other than the olive trees.

Bore Hole

The bore hole got capped just before the end of the month. An expensive lump of concrete all in all.

Sant Marc

Is when you put on your best togs and march around the village behind the guys with the statue. Very social, the band umpah's the beauty queens parade and everyone has a good gossip


Theo has been enjoying the extra attention now it's just Bran & him in there. He had also made friends with a semi-wild hunting bitch, which started to hang around, but wouldn't let us touch her. She has been called Cleo, because of her Pharoh houndish looks and the posh way she crosses her front paws when she lies down.

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