Farm Equipment

Mini Digger

I have had a mini digger for a few years now, which I bought to dig ponds in the UK. It was knowing what it was capable of doing that helped give us the confidence that we could take on such a huge project
It has helped us to dig tracks through the wilderness. Dig out dead trees and excavate the tons of rubble and rubbish that filled the moli.

Kubota M6040

After a couple of years we realised that we were not going to be able to work the olive groves properly without a tractor and some related equipment. Having done a bit of homework, we decided to buy a new Kubota M6040. It has 66bhp and selectable 4wd and is very easy to operate. We bought a 3 tonne trailer and a chain grasscutter with it and soon afterwards ordered a Pala (rear scoop) from the village metal worker. We bought a cultivador earlier this year ('10) and are on the point of buying a roller.

Other Guys' Kit

The crop spraying plane is the coolest bit of kit you see around and about, but I have always liked the photo of the two old tractors. I think they are Modesto's. They make a great pair. The Pasquale is a classic.

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